What Would Hal Do?

Those of you who have run a marathon in their lives, I commend you!  I am training for the NY Marathon in early November and I find that I’m asking myself during my long runs why people run this much?

Why do we put ourselves through the torturous training? Is it because it’s worth it? Of course I’m guessing the answer is yes, counting on it even. I have always enjoyed running to the fullest, but now it’s getting to be a chore. The last long run I went on was the longest I’ve ever run in one consecutive time and I have to say that stopping hurt worse than continuing. This scares me a little because I was only running 16 miles at that time, and I’ll have 10.2 more to go in the marathon!

What motivation do you use to keep yourself going? I find myself asking, what would Hal do?!


Stretching. Before, After, At All?

Do you stretch before or after a run? Or, do you stretch at all?

Out of the 10 years I’ve been “running” running, I’ve only come to think about stretching in the most recent years.

This is probably because when I was younger, I thought I was invincible.  But as the years continue and my training gets more serious; I realize that I’m most certainly not. It’s obvious when googling for “When to stretch,” many people have had this thought and there is some research on it.  “The idea behind stretching is to lengthen the muscle fibers to increase their function and hopefully enhance performance, helping runners maintain a faster pace or run for a longer period of time (article here).”  Time Magazine says to skip the stretch before the run because it doesn’t prove to prevent injury on the run.

I know I definitely need to stretch better and if not before the run, after. It’s giving back to your body for allowing you to have a good workout and it can also be very relaxing. What’s your take on stretching?

Running on game day

Neal and I just went for a fast-paced 4 mile run around the LSU lakes. Running with someone else really makes me run faster. For some reason, I have trouble pushing myself to go harder when it’s just me. I know I need to work on this, but since I know this about myself – I try to find a running partner when I can!

Did I mention it was game day? There were so many people out there. Some running, some walking, some getting ready to tailgate!

I can’t wait to shower and get in on the action.Geaux Tigers!

Weather or Not

It’s been about 12 years since I moved to Baton Rouge and adapted to the humid weather. It seems that the Baton Rouge climate and I have a love-hate relationship most of the time.  When it’s winter (for a very short time, mind you), I long for spring and cannot wait for summer. When it’s summer, I look to fall and even winter for sweater wearing and soup making days.

Today, it was in the 50’s when I woke up for my 4 mile morning run. At the end of it, my ears were so cold they were hot. I have to enjoy this weather because, as a Louisianian, I know that it will disappear shortly.  As you can see, this weekend the highs are 85-86.

And yet, I really can’t complain! LSU’s first home game is this Saturday. Bring on the camaraderie of tiger tailgating!

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