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The Sweet Life

As a kid, I used to eat a lot of sweets. Like a LOT. It seems like I ate so many sweets back then that I just don’t crave them anymore. It’s like hearing your favorite song over and over again until you just sick of it and never want to hear it again! Okay, it’s not completely like that.  Every now and then I’ll indulge in something chocolaty.

For example, check out this cake batter and sprinkle bark. This would be a really cute and delicious dessert for a birthday party. I stumbled upon this idea here and thought it looked too good not to share.

Supposedly it’s a quick and easy! I’m going to have to give it a try sometime soon.

Cake Batter & Sprinkle Bark         {click to print}


6 ounces (180 grams) high quality dark or extra dark chocolate, chopped 

12 ounces (360 grams) high quality white chocolate, chopped 

3 teaspoons white cake mix

sprinkles of choice (I used classic jimmies, non-pareils, and my favourite Wilton gold edible star sprinkles)


1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

2. Chop chocolate.

3. Melt dark chocolate either in the microwave or a double boiler. If using microwave, place chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe container (I use a Pyrex glass measuring cup), and heat for 20 second intervals, stirring each time with a silicone spatula. Be careful not to burn the chocolate–when there are just a few small bits left unmelted, you can simply continue to stir until it is completely smooth.

4. Pour melted dark chocolate onto your parchment/mat and spread (with a small offset spatula for ease) until desired thickness is achieved. Freeze for 20 minutes to set.

5. Melt your white chocolate. Whisk in cake mix slowly, stirring well until smooth. Let it sit for approximately 3 minutes (or at least until it slightly thickens).

6. Remove pan with set chocolate from the freezer and pour white chocolate on top, repeating the same spreading technique as you did with the dark chocolate. Toss sprinkles on right away. Freeze for 20 more minutes.

7. Once set, break or cut into pieces. Store in the refrigerator.

8. Try not to beat yourself up when you repeatedly sneak and snack on pieces every time you open the refrigerator for something else.

9. Enjoy!

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