Ce n’est pas une baguette

Just kidding, it is. A few nights ago, Neal made french bread. And I can’t get enough of it. Not only did we have two baguettes, but with some of the leftover bread, we made petit crustinis too!  Bread is Neal’s specialty. 

He bought a baguette bread pan, that as you can see has little holes in it to help the bread cook correctly in the oven.

Neal also boils water on the stove and puts it into a large baking pan underneath the bread while they cook. He says that the steam comes up from the pan makes the bread crusty.

This one really makes a weekend out of bread making. I’m pretty sure Neal started at 9am Sunday morning on this bundle of love and worked it all through the day, at least three beatings, until it was ready to bake. The more you knead your bread, the more air pockets it has. This is what I’ve learned, at least. I’ll have to make my own again soon; my last attempt did not rise as I much as I had wanted it to, but I learned to add a bit more yeast and knead the dough harder. Will share with you soon.

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