A day of reflection

Today I skipped my normal Sunday run for a different kind of workout. Neal and I rode our bikes to the Baton Rouge State Capitol where you can really reflect on life.

Taking in that enormous view really brings you back to earth.

Ten years ago today, the Twin Towers were destroyed along with many American lives. It’s still difficult for me to believe that the attacks actually happened. Most people remember exactly where they were when they found out about the Twin Towers. I was in high school, going to Civics class ( ironic?).

I feel like the whole day stopped there. All I know is that Civics class when we turned on all the TV sets and watched the news.

This is where I got a chance to think back to that day, at the top of the Capitol. The breeze was so cool and calming. And that breeze stayed with us all the way back. 

After the capitol view, we rode our bikes to a cemetery down the road. In my opinion, Louisiana has some of the most beautiful cemeteries. They are just covered in oak trees with spanish moss, blooming magnolias, beautiful statues and meaningful words engraved in stone. Neal mentions how strange it is that I love cemeteries, but to me, they are one of those places that you can really feel in your soul. I don’t frequent cemeteries often or anything like that, but I do believe that you can truly think about life there. How beautiful it is and how short it may be.

And here’s Neal riding ahead of me. It’s such a lovely day. Hope everyone’s enjoying it!

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